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Worshipping Cory before the New Year – Beef Cake Hunter

    Worshipping Cory before the New Year was a must! I know many Hunters kind of like were left wanting more, after a shy second scene with this handsome man. The good news is that it seems that will it be plenty of opportunities to explore him

    He showed up at the BCH arena not knowing what was in store for him, which I find very interesting, and honestly, there is so much hotness in him that I didn’t know where to start, the only thing I knew was that I needed to be Worshipping Cory before the New Year to include many requests from his fans!

    At BeefCakeHunter Land, the Beefcakes evolve into the zone different from one to another, and by now many would agree with me that sometimes it may take a little longer with some Beefcakes like Cory. But I promise you guys that there is a lot to enjoy in this video, and what is not in it, I will keep trying in the future, no pressure right? lol

    Anyways, having Cory naked on the bed was the perfect feast to say goodbye to 2021. Cory’s beautiful smile was plenty throughout the encounter, you can’t miss his facial reactions when I was sucking his toes, and when I kissed his hard biceps! Ummm like I say Hunters, a perfect End of the Year feast!

    At some point been on the bed wasn’t enough and I have him stand up, where I made him cum with, and he rewarded me with a warm load…